Glassblowing Lenses

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Glassblowing Lenses

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Glassblowing Safety LensesPhillips Safety Products carries lens types for every glassblowing and glass working application. Deciding on a lens type for glassblowing safety glasses or glass working safety glasses generally requires you to factor in how dark you want the lens and what types of visible or invisible light you need to protect against for your glass working application.

Glassblowing Lenses and Glasses

In general, the types of light that glass workers need to protect against are sodium flare, ultraviolet (UV) light, and infrared (IR) light. We have filters to protect against several combinations of these harmful waves.

Here are the common ways our lenses for glassblowing safety glasses are used:

  • Light green lenses are typically used by people doing off hand glassblowing, glory hole work, and furnace work.
  • Dark green lenses are typically used for quartz working.
  • ACE 202 lenses are also called didymium lenses. They are typically used for torch work associated with bead making and silver soldering. They come in regular glasses or plastic clip-on flip-ups for attaching to your current eyewear.
  • Green ACE lenses are used for working with borosilicate glass. They are often called “Boro” lenses and are available in shade 3 and a darker shade 5. Shade 3 is typically used for smaller work such as marbles, while shade 5 is more often used for larger work such as candlesticks, figures, or large scientific pieces.
  • Any of our lenses can be augmented by our plastic clip-on welders shades. They offer UV and IR protection as well as added darkness to protect from bright torches.

The above glass working safety lenses offer specific protection from certain rays. They are:

  • Light green lenses are a light welding lens. They protect against UV and IR, and they block some amount of visible light (similar to a pair of sunglasses).
  • Dark green lenses are dark welding lenses. We typically offer these in split-lens glasses, where there is a lighter lens on top and a dark green lens on the bottom of the glasses.
  • ACE 202 lenses block sodium flare and UV. Most types of glass give off sodium flare during torch work.
  • Green ACE, or “Boro” lenses, protect from sodium flare, UV, and IR. They are available in shades 3 and 5. They are made by combining our ACE 202 lens material and green lens material during the glass melting process.

If you still have questions about what’s best for your specific glassblowing or glass working application, you can contact us or take a look at the web site to see our selection. Glass blowing safety glasses are essential for most glass work, especially if you plan on doing it regularly. IR and UV are not visible to the naked eye, but they are certainly harmful and should be protected against. Sodium flare is very bright, so most people realize right away that they’re going to need safety glasses for sodium flare. We can also do some amount of customization with split lenses, so call us if you need a specific application addressed, and we’ll find the perfect glass working safety glasses for you.

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