Forensic Glasses

Forensic glasses, when used in combination with a UV lamp, enable the investigator to more readily see traces of fluorescence at great distances.

Knowing which glasses to use
Knowing which forensic glasses is not an exact science. Light conditions, the type of surface or material in question and state of the substance (wet, dry, new, old, etc…) often influence which filter/glasses combination works best.

Fluorescence and wavelengths
Different substances react and fluoresce at different wavelengths. While some substances may fluoresce when exposed to light of a certain wavelength, other substances might not fluoresce or be visible at all.

How forensic glasses work
Glasses filter away the undesired reflected light from the surface that is illuminated. By using glasses fitted with forensic filters, the investigator is able to significantly increase the possibilities of finding the exact evidence or traces that they are looking for, and filtering away unwanted traces. Our forensic glasses are available in a number of different styles, and can be fitted with any of the three lens filters pictured below.

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