Best Safety Glasses for Landscaping

NOV 07

Best Safety Glasses for Landscaping

By cosmick

Whether you’re a pro or a novice, landscaping can be a fun and rewarding way to spend a weekend while improving the value of your home. Be it weeding, laying down brick pavers, planting shrubbery, tending a garden, installing low-voltage lighting, or trimming bushes and trees, landscaping provides exercise, fresh air, and the reward of improved living conditions. Make it a family event and watch how quickly things get done while everyone enjoys a day working together.

Landscaping with Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses for LandscapingAs with any activity, one key to success in landscaping is having the right tools for the right job. Proper gardening gear – sharp shears, spades, work gloves, knee pads – will be required for any horticultural tasks. Pliers, electrical tape, wire strippers, a shovel, and other assorted tools and supplies will be needed to wire lighting or run underground sprinkler piping. Hats and sun block will protect your skin from a day in the sun.

One oft-overlooked item of landscaping gear is proper eyewear. Safety glasses are the way to protect your eyes from branches, flying debris, rocks kicked up by the lawnmower; UV protection will protect your eyes from the damaging effects of reflected and direct sunlight. So what is the best type of safety eyewear to use while performing any landscaping chores or activities?

At Phillips Safety, we recommend safety glasses with Photochromic lenses. These provide all the protective benefits of standard safety glasses and will also supply comfort and protection from harsh sunlight. Moving about a garden, in and out of your garage or shed, and under trees or the eaves of your house means there are times you’ll be working in the sun and times you’ll be in the shade. Photochromic lenses will automatically adjust for your current lighting condition. You won’t need to constantly stop what you’re doing and remove dirty gloves just to swap out sunglasses. Photochromic lens will darken and lighten as necessary without any attention from you.

If Photochromic aren’t for you but you’re cognizant of the value of safety glasses, we suggest Warden Safety Glasses as ideal landscaping eyewear. The wraparound style will protect your eyes peripherally, rubberized temple bars and a saddle nose bridge will supply all-day comfort, and the included anti-scratch coating will provide clear vision despite minor encounters with the great outdoors. Warden glasses are extremely cost effective (well under $10 each) and can be ordered with clear or smoke gray lenses.

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If you’re affected by the presbyopia that is shared by so many adults over age forty, you may want to consider bifocal safety glasses. These will offer the protection of safety glasses and the near/far vision provisions of regular bifocals. So many landscaping tasks involve up-close work; you shouldn’t remove safety glasses just to focus on near tasks or replace safety glasses with standard bifocals, which will not protect your eyes during an accident. Bifocal safety glasses combine protection and magnified lower lenses into one convenient, comfortable frame.

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