What Safety Glasses to Wear Over Spectacles

NOV 18

What Safety Glasses to Wear Over Spectacles

By cosmick

The benefits of safety glasses are obvious and the importance of wearing them when performing any task that could possibly cause eye injury cannot be overstated. “But I already wear glasses,” some counter. “Won’t they protect me from harm?”

Wear Spectacles? Here are Some Safety Glasses You Can Wear Over Them

Not necessarily. For one, standard eyewear is not designed or rated for the impact resistance necessary to protect your eyes should you be hit by a flying piece of metal, a kicked-up stone, or any kind of airborne fragment. And glasses that shatter right next to the eye can turn one sharp projectile into many and easily be more harmful than wearing no protection at all.

Several other reasons make standard glasses a poor substitute for safety glasses. They are not designed to resist chemicals. Frequently the lenses of standard glasses are too small to fully surround the eye, leaving parts of it – especially the sides – unprotected. And the temple bars of your glasses are made to hold relatively light frames in place under normal circumstances. They may be too thin to offer any impact protection and probably cannot hold your glasses in place if you whip your head away from an approaching object.

There’s no denying it; only safety glasses are up to the task of keeping your eyes safe. For anyone requiring corrective eyewear and safety glasses, there are two options. One is to buy prescription safety glasses. For those who prefer their own glasses or want to avoid the expense of purchasing another pair of prescription lenses, “fitover” safety glasses are the answer. These universal-fit frames fit over most prescription frame shapes and sizes. Phillips Safety Products carries a trio of fitovers, available with clear, polarized gray, or contrast-enhancing yellow lenses and each one ANSI Z87-approved. Check out their highlights here:


  • Soft-grip rubberized frame material.
  • Tinted side shields for eye comfort.
  • Clear lenses with an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare.


  • Soft-grip rubberized frame material.
  • Tinted side shields for added protection.
  • Polarized Gray3 polycarbonate lenses with black frame.


  • Soft-grip rubberized frame material.
  • Tinted side shields for comfort and protection.
  • Yellow enhancement lenses with an anti-reflective coating.

For a cost-effective alternative to prescription safety glasses, consider one of the models offered above. They’ll adopt the visual clarity of your own prescription eyeglasses while enclosing them in a layer of strong, comfortable protection.

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