Porta Shields

If you are looking for Radiation Protective Porta Shields that can provide sufficient protection for medical professionals and patients against harmful radiation, you are in luck. Our collection of porta shields provides the utmost protection from potential radiation exposure during things like imaging procedures.

Our porta shields are a terrific choice if you are looking for the perfect mix of functionality and durability. Many of these porta shields offer 0.5-millimeter lead equivalent shields, ensuring that you are protected from radiation. These porta shields are mobile and easy to move around. If you are dealing with extra tall or short patients, you are also easily able to adjust the height of all of our porta shields. Finally, our collection of porta shields contains tightening knobs to ensure that they maintain their height during procedures.

Ultimately, we are proud of our porta shields. They are of the highest quality and can do their part so that you can deliver the best care possible. Along with an extremely competitive price, we believe that these products are second to none.

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