Leaded Apron Racks

We at Phillips Safety are happy to present you with our collection of leaded apron racks and Apron Storage Products. Our lead apron racks can help your radiology department stay organized. They will help you quickly locate the apron or thyroid shield that you need for your next exam or procedure.

At Phillips Safety, we are obsessed with quality. All of our leaded apron racks are made of high-quality materials (like steel), giving you the confidence that the rack can support the weight of heavy aprons. Many of our racks are constructed from an extremely stable base which can eliminate any fears of tipping. If you need a leaded apron rack that is more mobile, you can find several different options in our collection. Finally, all of our leaded apron racks are beautiful. Many contain a high-tech finish of chromium and white, allowing them to enhance the decor of virtually any room.

To best serve your patients, your radiology department needs to be organized. Our leaded apron racks can help you with this task. Whether you work for a small or large radiology department, we are absolutely confident that our leaded apron racks will serve all of your needs.

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