Wrap Around Radiation Glasses

At Phillips Safety, we are proud to offer our extensive collection of wrap around radiation safety glasses. Whether you work in the medical imaging field or are otherwise exposed to potentially dangerous levels of radiation, each pair of glasses can protect your eyes when they need it most.

Looking at our collection, you will see that our eyewear is of the highest quality. Most of our wrap around radiation glasses are constructed from durable TR-90 nylon. They contain distortion-free SF-6 Schott glass radiation-reducing lenses with lead equivalency of 0.75 millimeters. All of this—including the fact that many models provide side shields—means that these glasses will provide the utmost protection when you are working in an environment that contains potential radiation.

Along with their protective qualities, these glasses are stylish. Frame colors include charcoal, camouflage, green, black, and red. These glasses are unisex and are available in prescription lenses as necessary. Whether you are purchasing your first pair or your next pair of wrap around radiation glasses, we encourage you to check out our collection today.

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