Cobalt Blue Lenses

Cobalt Blue Glass, also known as Neotherm, was designed specifically for use in furnace and molten metal observation. Neotherm is commonly used in foundries, steelworks, glassworks, and in fiberglass and ceramics plants. They can also be used for Brazing and torching or anywhere eye protection is required while observing high temperature processes.

Phillips Safety offers Neotherm in Shades 4, 5, 6 and 8. The lenses absorb UV Radiance, and harmful Infrared Emissions in the 780 to 2000nm range and can be used with Temperatures ranging from 1,290 to 1,800° Celsius. All of our Neotherm Lenses are certified to EN 166 and EN 171 standards.  Do Not Use These Lenses for Welding Applications.

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